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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 27, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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so help me god. >> >> the oath made by the bay area's newest american citizens.
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a simple gesture with alot of meaning, practice jerseys bearing the clippers logo, turned inside out. one example of the fallout after evidence of racism surfaces against the team's owner. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> >> hello, everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> >> notably absent, one day after call audiology assocites at crow recordings surfaced reportedly of the clippers owner making racist remarks during an argument with his girlfriend. today, an extended version of the recordings. today, an attorney for sterling's girlfriend did confirm that the audio
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recording is real, but insisted his client was not the one who leaked it. we are getting our first look at the instar gram photo that may have started the argument. it shows her on the right and another woman with nba legend magic johnson. sterling was allegedly upset she was posting pictures of herself associates with african freshes. christian talked to clippers fans outside of today's game. we begin with reporter fred england with what the clippers and warriors had to say, to day. >> >> reporter: heather, both teams said they weren't distracted, but neither team really wanted to blame the outcome on the allegations. one thing for sure, all of the players want a strong desis before game five tuesday in l.a. now, today, the clippers all
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met at mid-court and started to wear their warmup tops inside out. they wore a team unifying wrist band. the l.a. owner was not allowed to attend, but his wife was here. players association say they have complete trust in silver, but the sacramento mayor was asked by the clippers guard and players association to assist in the players. i asked the former nba guard kevin johnson would he play, today if he were a member of the clippers. >> it would have been hard. it would have been really hard. clippers and dock and chris, they are not going to make any excuse. started by saying they are carrying a burden and trying to cope through it and still take care of business. this is an opportunity for us to self correct, make swift
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sanctions and go forward and make this league even better because of what we have experienced over the last 24 hours. >> tough spot for our guys. for them, i feel awful because this is not what they signed up for. now, they have to >> my point would be please don't think it's just the clippers that have been affected by these comments. i think it is affected us all. >> now, it's time for me, for you, for ownership, for players, for the league, for society to step up and let's start to challenge these folks. >> if you did not have a job and clippers called you under these circumstance to work for them, right now? >> that's a great question. i cannot, right now. >> the issue at hand is bigger than the game, today. >> reporter: johnson went on to say this investigation became a
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defining moment for the nba, considering the 43% of the coaches in this league are people of color and at 80% of the players are, too, johnson said this family will not allow ignorance to stand in the way of this celebrated diversity of this league. reporting live in oakland, fred english, ktvu news. >> what did clippers fans have to say about all of this? christian? >> the teams are rooting for the warriors or clippers fans on both sides able to come together an one issue. they condemn the comments coming from donald sterling. coming out to root for the warriors, everyone was here for the game, controversy is swirling around comments from donald sterling were on everyone's mind. >> it's sick -- there are sick people in this world. we know there are and there are
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people with the wrong opinion. >> reporter: inside of oracle arena, fans held up signs showing how they felt about the comments and the controversy lit up social media. stallworth drove up to watch the game with his cousin he said as a long time clipper fan, he is aware of what has been going on with donald sterling. >> i always wanted a new owner, hopefully, we can get him out of town. >> reporter: the mens come at a time when the team should be focusing on the playoffs >> the timing of it was horrendous to honestest with you and very distracting. >> reporter: fans of both teams say they want to see the players rise above the controversy and play at their best. >> everyone works hard. everyone has put their effort in for to get to the playoffs. play as hard as you can, is
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what you can do and see what happens. >> reporter: the controversy outside of oracle arena. a dozen protesters were here. while he was barred from the game, his estranged wife was in attendance and was court side. >> >> speaking from malaysia, president obama called sterling's remarks racist and incredibly offensive, but tried to offer some perspective. >> united states continues to deal with the legacy of race -- we have made enormous strides. you will continue to see this every so often. we just have to be clear and steady in denouncing it. teaching our children -- >> president obama said he is confident the nba will address the issue. >> >> the naacp retracted plans to
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give an award to sterling later. specifically -- in a separate tweet, the group's president said if you are silent about this, then you are accepting of this, meaning sterling's remarks. >> >> pioneering broadcaster bryant gumbel weighed in on this as well. >> i'm surprised anyone is surprised. donald sterling's reputation is one of if you keep a vicious dog and one day it bites someone, you can't be surprised. >> >> on ktv overages. com, we posted more on the clippers controversy, including more of what the team's coach had to say. despite the controversy, clippers and warrior also a game to play. tonight, the warriors on top. our sports team is putting together highlights, we'll have it on this edition of sports
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wrap. >> >> new information about the mother accused of killing her infant son. authorities say she admitted to the crime. right now, the woman remains behind bars on suspicion of murder. kristina randone talks to police about what drove the mother to allegedly take her own child's life, kristina >> investigators are talking to the baby's father in the south bay. even as the woman was living in san jose, she is initially from north carolina. >> ashley newton's state of mind yesterday morning is a mystery to investigators. police say the 23-year-old admitted to ditching her car and stabbing her seven-month- old boy with a pocket knife. she was found hours later, holding her dead son. the east bay regional park district police originally said she had a history of depression. sargeant tyrone davis tells me
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investigators are still trying to determine what the history is. >> we have no independent information she has been diagnosed with a version of depression. >> reporter: we found out newton's family is from north carolina. police say she was living in san jose and as a clean record. she is not employed nor is she a student. we are told she and the baby's father last saw each other on friday, one day before she allegedly killed her son. >> don't ever think of a parent harming their child. that's what people are grasping at, trying to figure out why this happened. unfortunately, that's what our detectives are trying to figure out as well. >> newton is set to be formally charged with murder by a judge tuesday. that's the late nest our newsroom -- >> now to the weather and after a day of raining, you can see it's clear out there. this is a live picture in
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oakland. >> earlier, today, it was pretty wet out there as a steady drizzle fell over much of the bay area. our meteorologist has been putting together the rain totals for us. he's in the weather center with more. >> >> a few spots picked up light to even a few moderate showers early this morning. about to take a look at the numbers for you. mill valley picking up over a quarter of inch, santa rosa, not as much. san francisco, half moon bay, oakland u2/100th of an inch. right now, this is at radar loop over the past three hours. still some lingering clouds out there. primarily to the east -- a little activity here. a few leftover showers. the bay area is dry. we have a big change to talk about in our forecast in the
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short term. coming up. how much warming you can expect in your monday forecast and when 90s come back on the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> >> you can follow mark and the rest of the ktvu weather team online. they are posting updates to facebook and twitter, even when we are not on the air. >> >> coming to us from the midwest, two people reportedly killed when a tornado touched down in north east oklahoma. one of several triggered by a large storm front moving through the midwest and south. no other reports of death due to this storm. but there has been severe damage in missouri. winds reached 70-miles per hour, blowing attract blowing a
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tractor trailer on its side. .
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this is a roof camera shot of a fire happening in the video after it began at 2:00 this afternoon. there are reports that grease had exploded in the fire and three people suffered minor injuries. fire crews had the fire out in a half hour. >> >> the father of the teen-age stowaway that survived a flight in the wheel well of the jet said he is heading back home to bring his son back home. his foreissued a statement,
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reading in part -- . a $15,000 reward is being offered in a shooting that injured three people. it happened last night. police say one victim was 17 years old. the other two were 20, all from oakland. it's not clear if the gunfire came from a car or someone on the street. police say the victims were uncooperative and only said they were walking, heard gunfire and realized they were wounded. pope francis can onized two of his predecessors into sainthood. two very different popes seen by many catholics as revolutionary religion leaders. as leaders of the church, --
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>> pope francis seeking highly of the two young men. >> translator: john the 23rd showed an exquisite openness to the holy spirit. he was, for the church a servant leader. john paul the second was the pope of the family, from his place in heaven, he still guides and sustains. >> reporter: millions more
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across the world watching the event unfold. italians not in saint peter's square viewing the ceremony in 3d. >> i think our pope represents very well our country. >> reporter: a replica pope mobile was built by jubilant worshipers in the phillipines. >> >> translator: it's a blessing to participate. we are witnesses of how the canonzation happens for people woe were popes in our lifetime. >> pope francis waved the second miracle requirement for pope the 23rd. in rome, amy kellogg, "fox news." >> >> tonight, israel is marking
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holocaust memorial day with solemn ceremonies in response to a question from a rabbi. concreeding of the horror of the holocaust, abass kaled this the most heinous crime in history. >> >> i call on president abass, tear up your pack with hamas, recognize the jewish state, come back a real peace process. >> net ya' huh said that the u.s. was indisspencible in the peace process and thanked secretary of state kerry for his efforts. >> >> 180-degree turn in our weather, going from cool wet, to warm maybe even hot in some places. >> prepping the weather maps, i
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was talking about how cold it was. we had the cold weather theme. now, we are talking about a major warmup. temperatures on track to reach the 90s over the course of the next few days. tracking severe area. it's a concern for today and tomorrow. you see the thunderstorms developing in parts of arkansas. approaching tennessee. toward missouri and illini. that will be a factor as the complex moved to the east for tomorrow. back here in the bay area, lingering clouds, most of the cloud cover is to our north. a few scattered rainshowers to the east. we have dry conditions out there, the dry weather pattern is here to stay with no rain clouds in the fide. >> >> wind gusts to basically 20- miles an hour in the fairfield area. oakland, winds out of the west, 20-miles an hour and a few more out towards sfo gusting to 25.
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there is the gust, sustained speed of 25-miles an hour. right now, it is 59 degrees in san francisco, looking out toward the bay bridge. san francisco even warmer tomorrow as well, starting out the day with some patchy fog at 7:00, 49 degrees. on track to reach the upper 60s by 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow and in san jose, a few visiting clouds, currently in the 60s, 64 san jose. thinking we will approach the 70s tomorrow for your monday. a very nice 73 degrees by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning for your monday, we are thinking widespread 40s for santa rosa, some patchy fog out there. off to a cool start. cloud cover up to our north. storm track fizzling out, as high pressure rebuilds off shore. tonight, a dry weather pattern. a few scattered to low clouds
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redeveloping and high pressure returns or resurfaces off shore. we'll warm things up beginning monday, tuesday, wednesday, by wednesday, warmest locations will be approaching the lower 90s, 92 or 93 degrees. with a hint of an roof shore breeze, we are thinking the beaches up at least into the 70s, san francisco on track to reach the 808s as early as tuesday. things warming up. with a developing pattern like this, the fire danger will be on the increase. we are not expecting the gusty winds that could boost the fire danger, but still something to watch. >> >> into the afternoon hours, increase in sunshine. temperatures on track to reach the 60s. warmest locations right around 75-76 degrees. 7:00 tomorrow morning. 45-50 degrees. stripping away the clouds, upper 50s to upper 60s. by the 3:00 hour, a bit of a breeze, temperatures will be
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warmer than today. more 70s out toward concorde. look ahead, five-day forecast, look at the warmup. big warmup on tuesday. wednesday, warmest locations will be hot. inland back up into the lower 90s, minor cooling coast side on thursday. more cooling for day five. coming up, we'll look at your weekend forecast. >> >> not too late to enjoy spring skiing in the sierra even though it will be pretty warm her. alpine meadows will stay open weekends through may 11th. north tahoe resorts report 18 inches of new snow this weekend. more than 30 inches during the last week. kirkwood and mammoth still open as well. >> >> ahead here at 5:00, the american dream comes true for
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bay area immigrants. >> >> bay area ceo fired as he posts a blog. >> >> the dramatic story of this helicopter crash and how the victims actually walked away. [sister off screen] so, and i lied to you earlier
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when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying]
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a remarkable story of survival out of new mexico. this shows a helicopter
5:27 pm
crashing on the roof -- the pilot said the control pedals jammed and the chopper began to spin out of control before it crashed. two hospital security officers ran towards the burning helicopter and pulled the pilot an crew to safety. all three onboard survived. security officers say they don't consider themselves heros. they were just doing their job. >> >> south korea's prime minister resigned -- >> translator: difficult to imagine young students lost their lives while on a field trip. >> he said the government failed to take adequate steps to rescue the victims. the president accepted the resignation, but wants the investigation to wait. all crew members are facing charges of negligence and failing to help passengers in need.
5:28 pm
south korea continues to mourn the victims as the search for the missing was suspended again. 200 people are confirmed dead with more than 100 still missing, most of them high school students. families are angry and scared that the bodies of their loved ones may never be found. divers pulled out one more body, but bad were halted the search the ferry sank april 16th after apparently crashing into rocks in the fog. passengers were told to go below deck. that's where they were trapped. >> >> prorussian forces freed one of eight observers taken last week. before that release, all of the demaintained observers spoke to the media, saying the prorussian mayor, now in control of the area forced them to appear. >> he said "i want the officers to show up here for an international press conference." and we accepted that, because
5:29 pm
we wanted that our families are together. >> reporter: remaining seven being held as prisoners of war. president obama is winding down his visit to malaysia. today, he toured the country's national mosque. tomorrow, he heads to the philippines. on the agenda, the signing of a military deal allowing the u.s. to rotate troops into the country and station them on the military bases there. that larges for the largest u.s. military in the country since the philippines ended the lose more than two decades ago. >> >> breaking news out of san pablo bay where we are getting word of two small means colliding mid-air. the coast guard is on the scene. >> >> immigrants sworn in as
5:30 pm
americans. >> i have big dreams. america is a great place to do it. >> hear the stories behind their quest for citizenship. >> microsoft tackles a bug in its internet browser. it may not work for you. what experts say you can do, next. >> >> you can download the ktvu new app and get video of traffic, weather and breaking news any time anywhere. [doorbell rings]
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breaking news to tell you about. we just got off the phone with
5:33 pm
the coast guard and they tell us two small planes collided over san pablo bay. they could not tell us what kinds of planes exactly that were involved, but they have multiple coast guard ships and personnel there at the scene. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. our coverage of this breaking news story of two smell planes colliding over san pablo bay will continue on twitter and facebook. >> >> place say someone shot at passing cars on back-to-back nights near warm springs boulevard and warren avenue. there was a third shooting at warm springs and brown road. officers say three cars were hit around 6:00 and 6:30 and two drivers were injured when the windows were blown out by
5:34 pm
pellets or bb's. there was a report of a white mini van in the area but the drivers say they didn't catch sight of the shooter or shooters. tonight, people say they would be terrified if it happened to them. >> >> surveillance video from businesses along this area, they are asking for any witnesses to please come forward. >> >> ceo of san francisco's radio one has been fired after pleading guilty to domestic violence. the add tech company said they removed him earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor battery charges in a beating of his girlfriend caught on video. earlier, today in a blog, he apologized, but defended himself in writing "i recognize that my temper got the better of me and i will regret that for the rest of my life.
5:35 pm
he said there is a difference between temper and domestic violence an the truth is nowhere close to what the police claim. >> >> microsoft scrammenning to fix a bug for the explorer browser. hackers had exploited it on some u.s. companies. the fix won't do much to help people running the xp windows operating system. microsoft is advising people using xp to upgrade to a newer operating system. computer experts say you can protect yourself by using another browsesser. >> >> new phone scams that pressure victims to pay -- they pose as police, irs agents or officials from pg and e and they threaten arrest or deportation if the debt is not played. they tell the victim to call back with a money card number. police say they prefer cards because they are harder to
5:36 pm
track an other payments. >> >> in california's eastern sierra nevada. a 49-year-old woman and a 52- year-old man from salt lake city tumbled down an ice chute. it happened at 12,000 feet in windy conditions. the woman broke her leg and the man hit his head. it's unlikely the two would have survive fundamental they had remained there for the night. >> >> a dream realized for several bay area residents as they take an oath of citizenship. political wisdom said in an election year, comprehensive immigration reform is not likely to be on the menu. for those seeking citizenship, it's a dream. today, noelle walker went to a ceremony that honored earth week and the american melting pot. >> reporter: with the sound
5:37 pm
track of "america the beautiful" and a back drop that punctuates those lyrics, 21 people took and oath to become citizens of this country. >> this is a dream come true. >> >> 22-year-old asher fled iraq in 2006. today, he took a step to make his dream a reality. i have big dreams looking to establish my business and america is a great place to do that. >> reporter: they are 21 people from 14 different countries all who have one thing in common, today, they are american citizens. today's intermate ceremony is unique. the requirements are the same, they all had to wait five years after getting a green card and study american civics and history. >> if they didn't have to work at it, it wouldn't have value. that's so important. >> i have been lear for such a long time that we consider this
5:38 pm
our home. >> maria and her husband have lived here for more than two decades, but today, they did something for the first time. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag -- >> today is the first day i take my pledge of allegiance. >> reporter: with that proud american-born son looking on. >> i think it was cool, really cool. >> i'm trying hard not to cry. >> reporter: in martinez, no well walker, ktvu tv news. >> >> some passengers apparently think that spirit flight attendants are mean spirited. in a few watchdog survey of 3400 frequent flyers, 21% of them ranked spirit airlines for rudeness in flight attendants,
5:39 pm
-- united airlines tied for fifth place. last on the list was southwest, which means the flight attendants are the nicest. >> >> up next, an update on the breaking news we talked about as the coast guard searches for survivors after two planes collide over san pablo bay. >> the best of opening day. players take advantage -- get ready for a warmup. mark tom peo is tracking when temperatures just may reach the 90s. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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back to the breaking news in san pablo. one plane landed safely and the other crashed into the water. we have petty officer stewart. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> what can you tell us about what happened? >> two small planes collided near san pablo bay. one landed near the airport and one ended in the water. found debris in the water, but no persons at this time. >> reporter: can you tell us what part of the water you are looking at and where the debris was found? >> i'm sorry, but i actually don't have that information. we'll be sending out a release status. >> reporter: can you tell me where the other plane landed? which airport, was it buchanan field or napa? >> we don't have that
5:43 pm
information either, the faa is currently coordinating. >> reporter: you still have personnel at the scene where the debris was found. what is happening there right now? are they continuing to search for bodies or victims or are there any chance for survivors, what did you tell us about that situation? >> yes, currently, the coast guard is searching in the water. >> reporter: you say debris, there is no piece of the plane that is intact. just pieces in the water? >> the coast guard boats are searching for the debris in the water. that's all of the information that i have, right now. >> thank you very much. >> petty officer stewart, can you tell us anything about where the command post is being set up and where you are launching all of your search efforts, right now? >> yes, we have a coast guard cutter on the scene as well as small boats station vallejo and
5:44 pm
station golden gate. helicopters from area station san francisco. >> >> can you tell us the area that are you searching? how large of an area are you searching right now? >> i actually can't answer that question, right now, because i don't know, but, as soon as i have more information, i'll definitely let you know, our main concern, right now has just been to search the waters. >> all right, petty officer stewart from the coast guard. giving us the latest. she is telling us one plane did land safely. we don't know which airport it landed and the second plain crashed into the water. some debris has been found, no victims have been found alive or deceased. they are continuing to search out there with a number of boats and a helicopter. i have flown over that area. that's a big bay. it's hard to tell which area they are, if they are closer to the east side of san pablo, --
5:45 pm
if they are in the west end, they could land at a private airport at san raff-year-old. >> >> raphael. >> >> wind, a bit of breeze kicking up, 15-25-miles an hour with scattered clouds. winds are not extremely strong, but a typical sea breeze kicking in for the afternoon hours. more information on this developing story. >> >> a live "stormtracker" 2, right now, no storms here. right now, lingering rainshowers. the entire state will be drying out and warming up, especially right here in the bay area over the next few days. right now, 65 degrees in santa rosa, san francisco checking in
5:46 pm
at 69. partly cloudy skies and the forecast for tomorrow in san jose, a lot of sunshine out there by 2:00. temperatures easily back up approaching the lower 70s. partly cloudy skies, a little breeze out there as i mentioned. winds gusting 15-25-miles an hour looking out toward the bay, a little texture on the water to reflect that breeze out there developing. tomorrow, mostly sunny, warmer, the big headline for the weather, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a big bounce in the temperatures, talking about 80s and 90s. social beach, some lower 60s, tomorrow, san francisco on track to reach the mid-to upper 60s, temperature sensor warming back up. we are thinking 70s, danville, warmest locations antioch and the overall weather pattern. this, the storm track pushing way up to our north. tonight, a dry weather pattern.
5:47 pm
a few clouds and high pressure redeveloping off shore. strong high pressure sending temperatures up for monday, tuesday, wednesday. probably the warmest days of the week, hottest days wednesday and thursday translating to a few spots inland approaching 92-93 degrees. get ready for a big warmup. santa rosa. 75 degrees. around the bay, oakland, 71, by wednesday, oakland easily back up into the mid-80s, san jose will go with temperatures in the lower 70s. san francisco in the upper 60s. san francisco by wednesday back up into the 80s as well. a look ahead at your five-day forecast. get ready for a big warmup, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. temperatures in the 80s to lower 90s, gradually cooling things off by friday. continuing through the weekend. weekend always in view, patchy fog -- >> all right, thank you, mark.
5:48 pm
>> >> well, it was perfect weather for opening day. dozens of sailboats took to the water along with a parade at san francisco' waterfront. 97th opening day officially kicked off sailing season. >> >> more from oracle arena -- sports wrap with joe fonzi is knicks.
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
good evening, everyone, welcome to this night's edition of sports wrap.
5:51 pm
players before the game, taking off their jerseys in a united statement to their owner, doc rivers had the task of getting his team to concentrate on basketball. hot shooting of stepm currie -- on fire, hitting his first five three point attempts. by the time he hit number five, warriors were in front 33-17, stepm went for 33 points in all. -- it's an 18 point lead. clipper bench seemed a little stunned by the developments. signature development play of the day for thompson. glenn davis, posterzation as he was on his way to a 15 point game. doc not feeling this one. more from steph. he hit as three -- his mom,
5:52 pm
wife, among those in the stands riding the emotion and energy. green assisted barns for that three in the fourth quarter. barns added 15, five players in double figures for the warriors. they knew they needed to win this one to stay in the series. that's just what they did. 118-97, the final. the series evened a two games apiece, headed for l.a. -- >> two story lines heading to l.a., the series tied at two games each end and the first trip back to staples center after the racist remarks attributed to sterling. >> >> reporter: that may explain why the warriors have been able to get off to a quick start. green started at center for o neil and he may have sparked all of the energy. but it was getting the all-star
5:53 pm
open early that was the key here. 39-24 in the first period. currie scored 17 of a game high 33, they move the ball all around and got everybody involved. >> tried to come out with a sense of you are generalsy. that's been the big problem in the first three games, as a team, we haven't started our games off well. executing at a higher pace. when we do that, steph is a guard, obviously, still making shots our energy was spectacular. 39 points in the further points in the first quarter was huge. >> i thought i did the right stuff and i really didn't. i have to do a better job. >> we are going to go and take
5:54 pm
the mind set and carry it over to the next game and go out and compete. we are more than capable of doing that. i look forward to the challenge. >> >> now, we do know it's going to be a very emotional game for the clippers in l.a. tuesday, but we also know we'll be here thursday night. it could be another emotional one. >> thank you, fred english live in oakland. >> >> major league baseball story when this early edition of sports wrap continues. giants, when we come back. .
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now with free broadband for a whole year. back problems that have plagued the giants marco scooter has kept him from getting on the field. brandon hicks trying to make the most of his chance. giants trying to finish off a
5:57 pm
sweep of cleveland. hicks is on the brandon to brandon play in the third. starts a double play, flips to brandon covered. ryan with a strong outing putting the giants on the mound. getting some support in the fourth. he didn't get the win, because of this. leading off theleth -- that was not coming back. homer number three of the year. 1-1 until the 9th. two on, two out for hicks against codey, hicks drive as ball over the fence. giant fans going home smiling. the third homer of the year for hicks. giants get their sweep winning 4-1. >> >> tommy malone, matt dominguez
5:58 pm
with a ride. josh, a hit aaway. the game remains coreless. seven strikeouts for mccue. still 1-0 game. two scores. suddenly, 3-0. coming on relief for malone. here is how he was greeted. jose hits the first pitch he sees and put it is in the left field seats. a's broke through for one run in the ninth. astros shut them down, winning that will do it for this early sports wrap. >> >> we want to update you on the breaking news we are following in the east bay. the coast guard continuing to search the area where two small planes collided. our crew is now there and we'll have the very latest coming up.
5:59 pm
we have been able to confirm that's two planes that crashed mid-air near the richmond san raphael bridge. >> >> one plane is in the water, theory landed safely. the coast guard is on the scene, looking for survivors, we'll have more on this online and on twitter, facebook and all of our mobile apps. follow us there for the very latest, a complete wrapup tonight at 10:00. good night.
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